Hans Vandekerckhove - Gimme Shelter

Hans Vandekerckhove

Gimme Shelter

Eric Rinckhout and Oscar van den Boogaard

Architecture and perspective are the common denominators in the oeuvre of Hans Vandekerckhove. Gimme Shelter illustrates 90 of his paintings. Both at home and abroad, Hans Vandekerckhove has been a big name in the art world for quite some time.

In Gimme Shelter, Hans has compiled all of his work, which originated from his passion for architecture, ranging from the archetypes from his youth, when he had a studio in his uncle's greenhouse, modern architecture by Mies van de Rohe, and the buildings by Peter Zumthor, to the need of a 'home', as a breeding ground for inspiration.

Text in English and Dutch


Pages: 160

Publisher: Lannoo