Silk Portrait Eye Mask x Louise Bourgeois

100% silk eye mask to instantly give you the wise, warm eyes of Louise Bourgeois.

An insomniac for much of her adult life, the Louise Bourgeois silk eye mask was 'dreamt' up by Third Drawer Down Studio director Abigail Crompton as an ode to the artist who described the state of being asleep as "paradise". The strap reads "Key to insomnia: peace or trust", pulled from the back of one of Bourgeois’s Insomnia drawings from the mid-1990s that was made during the night in an effort to find sleep.  The reversible design echoes one of the artist’s fabric drawings from 2003, paying tribute to the artist’s connect to textiles, sewing and also her love of fashion. 

Material: 100% silk eye mask

Size: 20cm x 8cm (7.8" x 3.4")

Gift Packaged on portrait of Louise Bourgeois